Oshkosh Air Venture 2013
            July 22 - August 3 - 2013
The Warbirds
Air Show Performers & Personalities
Ashley Battles
Art Nalls - Harrier
Sean D. Tucker
Julie Clark
Paul H. Poberezny
Melissa Pemberton
Mike Goulian
Steve Hinton
Sean D. Tucker
Joe Kittinger
Yves Rossy - Jetman
!!!! The Good Times !!!!
Gary Sinise & The Lt. Dan Band
Infamous SOS Brothers Beer Tent
The President's Picnic
Midnight At The Hilton
Davie's Charcoal Pit
The Hilton Party Hostesses
Flying Magazine's Yacht Club Party
Bob Hoover Still LkesThe Ladies
Some of The Gang : Jim Stenberg / JM / War Reese / Barry Valentine
... My Room Suite For The Week ...
.Thanks Paul & Audrey For All The Years of Fun .