...Maine Autumn From The Air...
    Mountains To The Sea
       October 18-19-2008
                 South of
Millinocket                                                               Looking West
Towards Jo-Mary Mountain
    Nollesemic Lake
Hopkins Academy Grant TWP
East Branch Lake .. T3 R9
West Shore Nollesemic Lake
Gray Ledge Deadwater .. T3R9
Bog Brook Upper Deadwater .. T3 R9
Sebois Stream .. Sebois Plantation
R/R Hardy Pond & Brook .. Medford
Sweat Bog .. Sebois Plantation
Millinocket Airport .. Mt. Katahdin In The Background
Piscataquis River.. Looking East
Orneville Township
Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch .. Levant
Kelley Mountain .. Newburgh
Home Base .. Millers Field .. Newburgh
Marsh Stream .. Frankfort
Frankfort Village
South Branch Marsh Stream .. Frankfort
Fort Knox .. Prospect
Penobscot Narrows Bridge
Route 1 .. Prospect
West Penobscot
Pierce Pond .. Penobscot
Hutchins Cove .. Penobscot
South Penobscot
South Bay Bagaduce River .. North Brooksville
East Penobscot Bay .. Brooksville
Meadow Brook .. Brooksville
Buck Harbor .. South Brooksville
Eggemoggin Reach
Deer Isle Bridge
Carney Island .. Deer Isle Causeway
Northwest Harbor .. Deer Isle
Deer Isle Village
Center District .. Deer Isle
Burnt Cove .. Stonington
Deer Island Thorofare .. Stonington
Crotch Island .. Stonington Islands
Crotch Island Granite Quarry
Stonington Harbor & Village
Long Cove .. Deer Isle
Stonington Airport
Thompson Cove .. Deer Isle
Benjamin River .. Sedgwick
Sedgwick Village
Old County Road .. Sedgwick
Frost Pond .. Sedgwick
Blueberry Barrens .. Gray Ridge .. Blue Hill
Blueberry Barrens .. Blue Hill
Somewhere Between Blue Hill & Newburgh
Final Approach Into Millers Field