TB-25N Carolina Girl
SN # 44-88666
Note : This is the former Canadian  fire
bomber purchased by Al Caruso of Maine
Aviation and kept here in Bangor , Maine
for several years in the early 1990's. It was
later sold to a Museum in North Carolina
and a complete restoration done by Tom
Riley . The former owner died and Tom
Riley purchased it and now has it for sale .
I took the photographs while it was parked
on the warbird flight line at Sun & Fun April
2007 ... John Miller
Before Restoration
10/19/1993 Canadians Deliver
To Sherbrooke , Quebec ....
10/19/1993 Flight Back to It's New
Home In Bangor , Maine ....
3/20/1994 Paint Stripping and Cleanup Is Underway .....
A Functional But Well Used Cockpit .....
10/23/1995 Leaving Bangor For It's New
Home In North Carolina and Nine Year
Transformation To Carolina Girl .......