Experimental Light Sport 2019 Wag-A-Bond - N8553P
This is a Wag-Aero plans built 2019 Wag-A-Bond .. Built by the Penobscot Aviation
Education Association Inc. , of Old Town , Maine .. The features of the Wag-A-Bond
are as follows : The Engine is a 4 cylinder Subaru E-81 .. Engine Ignition is a Dual
Hyndaielectronic with dual coils & coil joiner .. Prop is a 68" ground adjustable pitch
Warp Drive 3 blade .. Prop speed reduction unit is a G40 Hirth 2.03 to 1 ratio ..  ..
Brakes are Cleveland calipers , Gerdes cylinders on pilot side only .. Main wheel
suspension is Danly die springs .. Tailwheel is a Matco .. Flight Instruments are
aircraft quality .. Engine instruments are automotive with exception of exhaust temp
.. Airframe is 4130 chrome moly per Wag Aero plan specs , Tig welded with ER70S6
shielded with Argon , sand blasted and sprayed with Stitts epoxy .. Wing rib
structure is Eastern select spruce with aircraft birch and aircraft mahogany doublers
and gussets per Wag Aero plan specifications assembled with T-88 epoxy glue &
sprayed with Stitts EV-400 epoxy varnish .. Wing Spars are laminated Eastern select
spruce oriented for grain direction & spacing assembled with T-88 epoxy glue &
sprayed with Stitts EV-400 epoxy varnish .. Wing leading edges are aircraft
aluminum .. Aileron structure has nose ribs and main ribs stamped from aircraft
aluminum .. Aileron leading edges are aircraft aluminum riveted to nose ribs & spar ..
Aileron spars are bent full length from aircraft aluminum .. Doors are 4130 frame with
aircraft aluminum covering keyed access .. Fabric covering is Stitts 2.3 ounce
attached with Stitts Poly-Tak and shrunk to Stitts specifications , weave filled with
Stitts Poly-Brush , first coat brushed & second coat sprayed with 3 coats of Stitts
Poly Spray for UV protection .. Paint is Stitts Poly-Tone , Glacier White & Bahama
Blue .. All hardware & cables are aircraft grade ..
 Two 11 gal. wing tanks and 1.5 gal.
header tank .. Empty weight is 844.5 ibs , gross weight is 1320 lbs.
An excellent well
built light sport aircraft .. FAA inspected and assigned experimental airworthiness
certificate in September , 2019 .. Never flown .. Asking price is $16,000 .. For more
information contact Don Hansen 207-285-7018 or Tim Latourneau at 207-827-2594